Flourish Home Staging, LLC has been staging homes in Central Oregon since 2007. We proudly team with Builders, Realtors and Homeowners to provide professional home staging for their properties. Our goal is to prepare each property, whether an entry level or a multi-million dollar home, in a way that showcases the home’s best features, accentuates its unique style and architectural design, and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in which buyers will feel right at home.


Flourish owns an extensive inventory of furniture, artwork, linens and decorative accessories from which we select just the right pieces to illustrate the unique features of each home we stage. Flourish inventory changes continually and is kept up to date with the latest styles, colors and design trends.  We keep a large enough collection of inventory to furnish over 20 homes. 


Typical buyers will spend a good deal of time previewing homes online before stepping foot inside a home. Many homes are eliminated through this first step.  Our staging style utilizes simple, yet strong pieces of furniture and decor that will show well online as well as in person.  Our homes always top the list that buyers want to see!